Vegetarian Gestational Diabetes Diet

Vegetarian Gestational Diabetes Diet

vegetarian gestational diabetes dietFor soon to be mothers with gestational diabetes, meal planning can be a chore. Especially for women who have other dietary restrictions or preferences, finding healthy and filling meals can seem impossible. With the right amount of forethought and planning, however, everyone can find delicious, filling, and healthy meals on a gestational diabetes diet.

Vegetarians are often cited as not getting enough protein, or for not having many tasty and filling options available to them. Nothing could be further from the truth, however. Vegetarian women eating for two with gestational diabetes happen to be very lucky. A primarily plant based diet is perhaps the most recommended diet plan for gestational diabetes.

There are plenty of foods to choose from and vegetarian meal plan ideas available for women with gestational diabetes.

Here are some guidelines to follow:

Whole Grains— When it comes to choosing carbohydrates, you want to be a bit more careful than usual. In this case, stick to filling whole grains and stay away from simple and “white” carbohydrates. For example, choose foods like whole wheat bread, brown rice, and steel cut oats. Avoid white breads, pasta, and processed cereals.

Leafy Greens— Dark, leafy greens are full of all sorts of super healthy vitamins and minerals that are nutritious for both you and baby. Spinach, kale, and collards are good examples of these so called “superfoods”. They taste great cooked or raw and make excellent salads, sides, and main dishes for a vegetarian gestational diabetes diet.

Protein-– Everyone needs to make sure they get enough protein, and that is especially so for  women who are on a vegetarian gestational diabetes diet. Protein is important for the development of tissue and building strong muscles. For a vegetarian diet with gestational diabetes, fill your plate with lots of beans, nuts, and legumes. You can also look into dairy protein options such as Greek yogurt and cheese, but make sure you are watching your carbohydrate intake.

Limit Carbohydrates— For gestational diabetes patients, limiting carbohydrates is one keep to a healthy diet. This is because carbohydrates basically turn into sugar in your body, which of course raises your blood sugar levels. Limit your carbohydrates and when you do consume them, make sure they are the better options like whole grains and protein filled yogurts, etc.

Limit Sugars— Of course, you want to limit the amount of sugar that you take in. For gestational diabetes, this is sometimes hard because you may have cravings for sweets, but remember that this is all for the health of your baby. For vegetarian women with gestational diabetes, this also means monitoring and controlling your intake of fruit. Fruit is overall fairly healthy, but contain a lot of natural sugars that can raise your blood sugar levels. Choose fruits that are high in fiber to offset the carbohydrate and sugar content, and control your portions.

Since a plant based diet is one of the most highly recommended diet plans for women with gestational diabetes, vegetarians in this situation are actually pretty lucky. As long as you stick to whole grains, lots of fresh vegetables that include healthy leafy greens, and avoid carbohydrates and sugars, this whole process might be easier for you than you originally thought.

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