Vacation with Gestational Diabetes

Vacation with Gestational Diabetes

vacation with gestational diabetesAny extra activity can be a little extra difficult when you’re pregnant. You might be feeling more tired and uncomfortable than usual, not to mention off balance, as your body grows to accommodate your bundle of joy. Vacationing might seem like an impossible or at least a very tiring venture, especially in the later months of your pregnancy.
Taking a vacation with gestational diabetes may seem even more of a prospective pain. After all, you have likely gotten used to a certain routine that helps you stick to your gestational diabetes diet and you might be worried about what you could eat while on vacation.

All in all, taking a vacation could be excellent for you and your family. You need some time to yourself before your new baby is here, some time to have fun and live a bit more freely than you will be in a few short months. A vacation is the perfect opportunity to have some fun, and maybe even relax a bit in a way you can’t at home, when you are faced with the ever mounting tasks of getting ready for baby.

Gestational diabetes shouldn’t stop you from doing the things you want and living a fulfilled life. Your life is not defined by this condition. You do not live with gestational diabetes, gestational diabetes lives with you. You are in control, and you can enjoy a wonderful vacation while still controlling your gestational diabetes as needed.

Eating Right on Vacation

No matter where you are vacationing, there will always be healthy eating options for you to enjoy. There are always options available to you, as long as you know what to look for or what to ask for.

When eating out at restaurants, look for those lean proteins and delicious healthy sides. Stick to grilled or baked entrees like chicken or fish. Steamed shrimp, lobster, and crab are excellent choices if you are seaside. You can never go wrong with steamed or grilled vegetables as sides. Remember to balance any carbohydrates with protein to keep your glucose levels balanced.

If you are grilling out or eating camp side, you are in luck. Those same lean proteins taste amazing cooked over the fire or grilled up to perfection. Do make sure that all of your foods are cooked properly. For dessert, definitely give naturally sweet grilled fruit a try.

Getting Exercise on Vacation

Who doesn’t love to take long, leisurely walks while on vacation? Sunrise walks on the beach, hikes through the woods, or a scenic tour of the town is in perfect order at just about every vacation destination. You might actually find more opportunities to get in a little low impact exercise while on vacation than you would at home. Expending energy is a great way to counterbalance the foods you eat and keep your blood sugar stable.

Taking a vacation could be just what you need to relax before baby arrives. Do not worry so much. Talk to your doctor about your travel plans and get their advice before you head out, but overall a vacation is going to be good for you. You can eat right, exercise, and maybe get in a little extra rest on vacation. Click here for more tips about gestational diabetes.