Using the Medela Pump for Breastfeeding After Having the Baby

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In today’s world, women play certain roles in society other than being a mother. She is also a daughter, a wife, a sister, a friend, and a career woman. To keep up with the changing times, women who are always on the go now make use of breast pumps to allow them to give their babies breast milk without compromising their hectic schedule at work and at home. Breast pumps are also great ways to let the father feed breast milk to the child, thus promoting father and child bonding.
Hence, it is very important for moms to select a trusted brand of breast pump that they can use whenever they are unavailable to breastfeed their babies physically. One such brand is the Medela Pump In Style Advanced Breast Pump w/ Backpack breast pump.

Why trust Medela?

Medela is one of the leading companies that manufacture breast pumps for lactating women of all ages. This company has been manufacturing breast pumps for more than 30 years already, and has made a commitment to quality and safety with regard to manufacturing breast pumps and other breastfeeding needs. They also make sure that they continuously research for ways to make breastfeeding an enjoyable experience, and apply these researches to their manufacturing of breast pumps. Medela has also made a commitment to protect the environment so that it makes efforts to recycle materials that they use for their products, thus making them eco-friendly.

There are many different types of breast pumps that a mother can choose from. There is the double electric breast pump, which is an all in one breast pump kit that can be used every day and can easily be transported to and from work. There is also the manual breast pump, perfect for moms who only use the breast pump occasionally. It is also a good backup pump for the electric breast pumps.

Aside from breast pumps, Medela also manufactures other breastfeeding needs such as specialty feeding devices for babies who need to be fed in a different way other than through breastfeeding, and even cleaning solutions for their products. Materials for breast care and other spare parts for breast pumps are also being made and sold by Medela.

There are many benefits to using breast pumps not just for women who are working, but even for full time moms. It increases efficiency as compared to manual expression of milk. You can pump ½ to 2 ounces every pumping session, thus making sure that your baby’s supply of milk will last. Remember that the rule for breastfeeding is that the more milk you express, the more milk your body makes. Therefore, it is important to express milk to make sure that your breasts do not dry up. If you miss nursing even just for a few days, you might be surprised to know that your breasts are no longer producing milk. Breast milk is a lot better than formula milk because this is the best food that you can give to your child in terms of nutrients. Also, this is a great way to promote bonding between father and child by letting him feed the expressed milk to the baby.

I used a Medela pump to make sure I was getting the most milk in the least amount of time.  As a mom, you can’t have enough time, and trying to pump and get your baby taken care of can be rough, but the Medela pump I used worked through both pregnancies and my babies had fresh milk whenever they needed it.

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