High Protein Snacks for Gestational Diabetes

High Protein Snacks for Gestational Diabetes

high protein snacks for gestational diabetesEating your fair share of snacks during pregnancy is expected and often necessary. First of all, you have to keep your body and unborn child nourished and your energy up. Secondly and probably most likely of all reasons for snacking is that you just find yourself being really hungry more often than usual.

Eating high protein snacks, especially if you have gestational diabetes, is an important part of keeping healthy during your pregnancy. Snacks can help you keep your energy up, blood sugar levels stable, and prevent you from overeating during meals. In many cases, snacking can help with nausea and getting lightheaded as well. [Read more…]

Gestational Diabetes Meal Planning Basics

gestational diabetes meal basicsEating for two might seem stressful enough without the added pressure of eating a certain way due to gestational diabetes. Meal planning for a gestational diabetes diet really doesn’t have to be so difficult, however. There are some gestational diabetes meal basics that can help you make life and eating easier.

Easy enough, in fact, that these basics can be broken down into three main tips to make meal planning easier for you.

Three Main Meal Planning Basics for Gestational Diabetes: [Read more…]