Enjoying an Office Potluck with Gestational Diabetes

Enjoying an Office Potluck with Gestational Diabetes

office potluck with gestational diabetesHaving to watch every bite that you put into your mouth can sometimes kill the joy that comes along with so many food related activities. Office potlucks, for example, require a whole lot more thought when you have gestational diabetes. You can still enjoy your office potluck, however, and find plenty to eat, even with gestational diabetes.

Watch the Carbs

As you are perusing and sampling the many dishes that your coworkers have brought to the office potluck, be sure that you are remaining vigilant to how many carbohydrates you are consuming. Keep an eye out for options that look protein based or vegetable based, and options that don’t rely on pasta and a lot of sauce. Try to make the best decisions you can based on what the dishes have in them. For example, try a scoop of green bean casserole rather than focusing too much on mac & cheese or the always abundant pasta salad dishes.

Request Ingredients

When the office starts planning a potluck, advocate that everyone include a list of ingredients with their dish. You might find that many people in the office will be on board with this strategy, as there may be people with food allergies. There are likely quite a few people watching their weight or dieting for their own health reasons, so you might be helping a lot of people by advocating for ingredient lists.

Talk To Your Office Mates

If you have a very small office, or a group of people that you are close to, you might mention to them that you are worried about the lack of options at the office potluck with gestational diabetes. It might even be an issue that other people are concerned about too. Who knows you might start a healthy eating trend.

Bring a Great Dish

It is always a great idea to bring in your own delicious and gestational diabetes friendly dish to the potluck, because then you know there will be at least one good thing to eat. Just make sure that you get a healthy helping of your own creation before everyone else gets to it, because you know it’ll be a hit. Especially when people find out it is healthy and delicious; you’ll be taking home an empty dish for sure.

Load Up on Fresh

At almost every potluck, there are always fruit and veggie trays. You can always count on this because someone, without fail, will not have the time, ability, or desire to cook a dish for the potluck. Filling your plate full of raw veggies might seem boring, but with a few tastes of all the other delicious dishes you will find yourself quite satisfied and much happier when you check your glucose levels later.

Office potlucks can be a lot of fun, but can seem daunting or even scary when you have gestational diabetes. With these tips and ideas, plus maybe a snack in your pocket for good measure, you can still enjoy the office potluck. As long as you are careful and vigilant, you might even get to splurge on a little bit of dessert, too.

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