Grocery Shopping For Your Gestational Diabetes Meal Plan

Grocery Shopping For Your Gestational Diabetes Meal Plan

When planning for your gestational diabetes diet, knowing what to buy and how to shop for what you need can get complicated. What you eat weighs heavily on your heath when you have gestational diabetes, and keeping yourself and your unborn baby are of utmost importance. With that in mind, grocery shopping for your gestational diabetes meal plan becomes a bit more than just your everyday trip to the market.

Here are some tips to help you have a successful grocery experience:

Make A List and Stick To It

grocery shopping for your gestational diabetesA little preparation can go far when it comes to grocery shopping for your gestational diabetes meal plan. To make the most of each trip to the grocery store, you should make a detailed list of the items you need. To form the best list, do a little research beforehand. [Read more…]

Gestational Diabetes Recipes

Gestational Diabetes Recipes

Quite often I get requests for good recipes for gestational diabetes.  Well, it is ok to find one or two select recipes on a website or on someones blog but what really what is needed is a set of recipes for that you can count on being correct for your needs both calorie intake and carbohydrates.  As I prepared these gestational diabetes recipes for myself during my run in with gestational diabetes, twice, I found that searching for these and figuring these out was not really easy.  And I am a registered dietitian and should be able to figure it out.  It was not easy, but I hope you will be very happy that I spent the time to refine these and get them right for all of us!

Each gestational diabetes recipe is created for the specific purpose of being a gestational diabetes recipe.  These are not strictly diabetic recipes, which is more commonly what you will find in cookbooks and online forum threads.  Each recipe has all the nutritional information that you will need for tracking in your gestational diabetes journal.  As your doctor wants you to track and document all the blood glucose numbers and foods you will need a gestational diabetes journal to manage and track all the information.

Gestational Diabetes Journal: Keeping Your Baby Healthy (Baby Steps For Gestational Diabetes) (Volume 2)

Gestational Diabetes Recipes









My gestational diabetes recipes are all really tasty and you find them very easy to prepare.  I have made sure that there are beef, chicken, pork and vegetarian all included so you can have plenty of choices to pick and choose what you want. I have included in the gestational diabetes recipes as well, side dishes and some very good deserts.  Yummy and good!  We all have cravings for something and we need to have a little something sweet every once in a while. Right?

The gestational diabetes recipes here come in two forms, I have created both a pdf download version or print version on Amazon both with a full meal planner with instructions and recipes for download or purchase on Amazon.  I sure hope you will try them and I wish you the best for you and a healthy pregnancy.

Find the Download PDf of the book here and the Amazon print version click here!

Does eating out always seem to be a problem with gestational diabetes? Cravings? Going out with friends and family?  The book below gives you some direction on eating out and grocery shopping!


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How Do I Deal With Gestational Diabetes? 3 Steps For The Mom To Be

Dealing With Gestational Diabetes Is A Mental And Physical Ordeal

You may have just learned that you have gestational diabetes and you are still somewhat overwhelmed about it.  I remember being overwhelmed myself, especially with all there is to learn about.  I want you to know that you are not along and you can make it through.

You are working for both you and your baby.  I tried to think about the baby when I was feeling frustrated about what I needed to do and how I was going to get it all done.

Step One Is Learning What It Means To You

Every woman who has gestational diabetes does not have the same experience.  You will not be like your friend who has a horror story to tell you about her pregnancy.  Your body will react in a way that makes sense for you.  You may or may not have to take shots or be on bedrest.  It all depends.

Step Two Is Starting Small

Gestational diabetes is a huge undertaking.  That is why a step by step approach is the best one to have.  You can start with learning what it means.  You can learn a great deal about the overall picture and what it means to you from just reading a couple of articles on wikipedia about gestational diabetes.  Then you will know what it can be and how you can work to manage it.

After all, it is manageable.  You will get through it, and I don’t care if you were diagnosed at week 8 or week 38, it matters to keep you blood sugar levels under control.

Step Three Is Understanding Your Body

You need to learn what carbohydrates are.  Carbohydrates are the parts of food that are made up of glucose molecules, and your label on the food products tell you how much carbohydrate is in one serving of a food.  Knowing how your body reacts to carbohydrate is important in your control.  Some women can eat a good amount of carbohydrate and not have the same high blood sugar that other women have.  Some women find that eating just a small amount of carbohydrate really increases their blood sugar levels and they have to be very careful about what they eat and how much.

So, understand your body is different from everyone else.  Understand that you will have a different experience than others, and not beating yourself up over it will keep you sane.  Don’t expect to be perfect, do your best and eat what you can with a balanced diet.  Check your blood sugars as often as the doctor tells you to, so you can get good feedback on how you are doing.  And take your medication as prescribed.

If you are looking for a great way to manage a gestational diabetes diet, go and pick up our amazon book at:

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Gestational Diabetes Meal Plan – What Is It And How Does It Work?

Gestational Diabetes Meal Plan – What Is It And How Does It Work?

Gestational Diabetes Meal Plan

Around twenty four weeks of pregnancy you may be diagnosed with gestational diabetes, and higher than normal levels of blood sugar.  Some women are tested earlier because of their past pregnancies or family history, so don’t worry if you are tested early. Gestational diabetes will most likely resolve after pregnancy, however the importance of following a healthy diabetic diet is imperative for the health of the baby as well as the mother. Expectant mothers have only one goal in mind for their entire pregnancies, delivering a healthy baby. Mothers already know the importance of a healthy diet for their own health and their babies as a rule. Pregnant women today are often juggling jobs, family and many other responsibilities. A complication like gestational diabetes requires more than healthy eating habits, it requires a strict gestational diabetes meal plan that can be implemented immediately.

Gestational Diabetes Diagnosis

Gestational diabetes is diagnosed late in the second semester with a simple glucose test.  Gestational diabetes, like type 2 diabetes, is caused by insulin resistance. Unlike type 2, gestational diabetes will usually resolve itself once the baby is born. Complications from gestational diabetes may harm the baby and the mother. The baby may be large from the storing of too much fat during pregnancy, which can lead to childhood obesity and type 2 diabetes later in life. Complications for the mother include a higher risk for other pregnancy related complications, such as pre-eclampsia and/or a Cesarean section. Non-pregnancy related issues include a higher risk for type 2 diabetes later in the mother’s life.

Gestational Diabetes Treatment

The best treatment for gestational diabetes is a careful diet designed especially for pregnant women who have been diagnosed with diabetes. Since gestational diabetes will most likely resolve itself post delivery no plans for lifelong management are necessary. However, since gestational diabetes can impact the health of the baby there is very little window of opportunity for experimenting with special diets. Often a newly diagnosed type 2 diabetic will immediately take medications to lower blood sugar while slowly developing their own personal diet, but in the case of gestational diabetes there is no option of time and medications may not be desirable.  You will need to follow your doctor’s lead and take the medications he/she prescribes.

Gestational Diabetes Meal Plan

A  gestational diabetes meal plan, created by experienced, knowledgeable professionals, has many benefits.  Many expectant mothers faced with a diagnosis are completely unprepared to research and/or experiment with a new diet. While doctors serve as an excellent source of advice, the mother is often solely responsible for meal planning and preparation. This burden is usually added onto a mother’s regular daily meal planning for the entire family. A gestational diabetes meal plan, designed by experts, will allow the mother to immediately begin practicing new, healthy eating habits that will protect both herself and her baby from further health issues.  Learn more about our gestational diabetes meal plans on our information page, and know it’s a one time purchase that is designed to get you through these rough weeks and keep your baby healthy.

Gestational Diabetes Recipes – 4 Secrets To A Wonderful Meal

Check out this great video we did about how to spice up your gestational diabetes recipes and make them wonderful for your entire family!

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Gestational Diabetes Recipes – 4 Secrets for Delicious Results Every Time at Dinner

Gestational Diabetes Recipes Are An Important Part Of Your Treatment Plan

It does not have to be hard to find good gestational diabetes recipes that are appropriate and yummy for your family. With just a few changes to your recipes that you find online, you can make them more healthy and nutritious so that they fit in your gestational diabetes meal plan.

Gestational Diabetes Recipes Secret # 1:

Make a meal with the family favorite item, but add green or yellow vegetables as a side and decrease the main dish portion size. Adding the colorful vegetables improves the nutritional value of the meal by adding vitamins and minerals. And decreasing the portion size of the main dish, allows you to eat a lower carbohydrate meal yet still feel like you are full. For example, in our meal plans we balance out an entrée with several healthy dishes to make a full meal.

Gestational Diabetes Recipes Secret # 2:

Try to avoid making new recipes when you’re pressed for time. Using recipes that are familiar to you allow you to make simple changes without worry. Save the brand-new recipes for a day when you may have more time or can make multiple meals at once to freeze.

Gestational Diabetes Recipes Secret #3:

Flavor your meals with spices instead of salt. Pregnancy tends to cause swelling anyway, and salt can contribute to water retention. Try some of the seasoning blends made for the ethnic type of food that you are eating. For example, add a little more Italian seasoning to your lasagna or spaghetti to give it more flavors without the extra salt.

Gestational Diabetes Recipes Secret #4:

For a really great way to add fiber and lower the fat in your meal, take a favorite casserole recipe and change a few things. Start with replacing some of the meat with a bean. You can use either black beans for beef or pork or white kidney beans for chicken. You can also trade out the regular pasta or rice for a whole grain product. You will not see much change in the flavor, but the end result is a meal that is healthier overall for your whole family.

Learning a few tricks about how to change your recipes can be extremely helpful to a woman trying to manage her gestational diabetes. Adding variety during the time that you need to control your eating can help you stick to your diet plan. Even though you know the best ways to eat to control your blood sugars, you will appreciate the variety that can be found by using different gestational diabetes recipes.

Read our free e-book about gestational diabetes, and get a 3 day meal plan to sample how to eat a gestational diabetes meal plan using gestational diabetes recipes.