Gestational Diabetes and Infant Health

gestational diabetes and infant healthIt is a natural part of motherhood to worry about the health and well-being of your child. Even before your baby is born you are attuned to every movement your child makes inside of you. You feel every kick and every hiccup, and every day you do the best you can do to keep that baby happy and healthy, just as you will for the rest of his life after he is born.

If you are a mother dealing with gestational diabetes, you likely feel this worry at an even deeper level. It is a scary thought that your actions and the foods you eat could cause problems with the child you are carrying. The very idea of needing to take medications or give yourself shots is enough to make anyone concerned, even more so parents. The very first thing that most women think when they hear the diagnosis of gestational diabetes is “Will my baby be okay?”.
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