Gestational Diabetes Diet Menu – The 3 Most Common Mistakes Women Make [Is This You?]

What Kind Of Mistakes Do We Make On A Gestational Diabetes Diet Menu?

A gestational diabetes diet menu helps you to plan what you need eat throughout the day to meet your calorie and protein needs.  By using a diet menu, you can rest assured that you have eaten the right amount of food to have a healthy baby yet, keep your diabetes under control.  This is a guide to some of the most common mistakes that women make when on a gestational diabetes diet.

Gestational Diabetes Diet Menu Mistake Number 1 – Not measuring your food and knowing the serving sizes for the food you eat.  Portion sizes can be confusing for you and packaging may contain several servings.  A good example of this the fact that 1 pint of ice cream usually equals 4 servings.

What to do instead: plan out what you want to eat throughout the day, and portion it out.  While this might take a little time at the beginning of the week, it is an excellent way to make sure you’re eating just what you need.  For example, my gestational diabetes meal plan contains patterns and meal listings for an entire day so you don’t have to spend so much time figuring out what to eat.

Gestational Diabetes Diet Menu Mistake # 2 – Not eating throughout the day and skipping meals.  Most women think that they need to limit their intake to make sure that their blood sugars don’t get too high.  Often they avoid foods that are really okay to eat if they knew the correct amount.

What to do instead: get a meal pattern for an entire day that shows the amount of calories and carbohydrates that you need.  This will allow you to plan your day and eat snacks and smaller meals.  It’s important that you eat enough calories to make sure your baby grows properly.  You also need to eat the right kinds of calories to control your blood sugar.

Gestational Diabetes Diet Menu Mistake # 3 – Not having a plan for the day.  You can end up eating too much carbohydrates or too little calories which affects your blood sugar and your baby.  If you take medication to control your diabetes, you need to be able to plan out your day to avoid high and low blood sugars.

What to do instead: use a meal pattern and planner for the day, like the kind that we provide as part of our gestational diabetes meal plan.  You should get something with a breakfast, lunch, snacks, and daily planner that is based on the number of calories that you need for the day during your pregnancy.

Fixing these 3 mistakes can be an important part of controlling your gestational diabetes.  As you work with your doctor or diabetes educator, be sure to understand how you should eat throughout the day to make the most of your pregnancy.

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