Healthy Sweet Treats for Gestational Diabetes

Healthy Sweet Treats for Gestational Diabetes

sweet treats for gestational diabetesJust because you have gestational diabetes does not mean that cravings do not apply to you. Like all pregnant women, you likely have some odd food cravings. You might even have a sweet tooth on occasion. Gestational diabetes does mean that you have to watch what you eat to keep your blood glucose levels in check for the safety of your own health as well as the health of your unborn child. So knowing what sweet treats for gestational diabetes are safe could be a real asset.

Sure, there are plenty of sugar free candies, snacks, and desserts, but they are not recommended for women with gestational diabetes. Sugar free foods typically have sugar alcohols which can still raise your blood sugar. They also can have a laxative affect on many people, not to mention that many sugar free foods contain ingredients that could be harmful to baby. In small doses, it is okay to occasionally indulge in a little bit of sugar free sweets, but there are way more satisfying and healthy sweets for you to eat.

Of course, you should listen to your doctor and nutritionist’s advice first and foremost. They have more experience with your specific case and will know what is best for you. Discuss any questions or changes to your diet with your doctor first, and always keep track of your carbohydrates and blood sugar values.


When you are craving sweets with gestational diabetes, natural sugars are always better than the alternative. You still need to account for the carbohydrates in fruit and pay attention to your blood sugar levels, but a piece of fruit is the healthiest sweet treat for gestational diabetes. A small apple, for example, can help satisfy your sweet tooth while balancing the natural sugar with stabilizing dietary fiber. An apple can also be surprisingly filling, which can help curb other cravings.

Berries are an excellent fruit snack. They are sweet and sometimes tart to satisfy your sweet cravings, and have the added advantage of coming in naturally bite sized pieces so you can just pop them in your mouth.

Nut Butters

Natural nut butters like peanut butter, cashew butter, and almond butter are naturally sweet and packed with fiber and protein. Nut butters are excellent for balancing out snacks. For example, you can eat nut butters on crackers, fruit, and even some kinds of cookies.


No sugar added yogurts are sweet, tasty, and have the added benefit of probiotics. If you can’t find a low or no sugar added yogurt that you like, try some plain yogurt with low sugar preserves mixed in. This is a great way to get a good variety in your snacks. You can even mix in fruit, granola, and more to make this sweet snack more hearty and delicious.

Gestational diabetes does not mean that you have to eat a boring and completely sweet-free diet. If you monitor your blood sugar levels and be careful about the carbohydrates and sugar that you consume, you can have healthy sweet treats on a gestational diabetes diet. For more great ideas click here.