Planning A Baby Shower Cake With Gestational Diabetes

Planning A Baby Shower Cake With Gestational Diabetes

planning a baby shower cake with gestational diabetesThere are very few things more fun than a great baby shower. If the mother-to-be has gestational diabetes, you might need to make a few changes in the menu, but there is no reason you cannot still have a fantastic baby shower.

The baby shower cake might be something you are worrying about for a mother-to-be with gestational diabetes, but never fear, there are answers that could work perfectly for you.


Talk To The Mother-To-Be

If you are reading this article because you are planning a baby shower cake for a friend or family member who has gestational diabetes, the first thing you should do is talk to the mother-to-be. It is her party, after all, and she is the best person to give you an idea of what she wants or needs.

It might be that she prefers to have just a regular cake and eat only a small piece. It might be that she either does or does not want to use artificial sweeteners. Or maybe she would prefer an alternative option to cake. The only way you can be sure is to ask.

Everything In Moderation

If you are a mother with gestational diabetes, you might not want anything different than a regular baby shower cake. As long as your doctor isn’t against it, this is probably fine. Just plan to eat a small piece and pay attention to everything else you eat that day so your blood sugar levels remain stable. Make sure you are keeping track of everything you eat so you don’t accidentally go overboard.

From Scratch Is Better

If you are baking a baby shower cake yourself, consider avoiding using baking mixes. While they might be super easy and delicious, they have a lot of sugar and other not so good ingredients in them. Baking a cake from scratch allows you to control the amount of sugar and even use healthier replacements for white flour.

Artificial Sweeteners

There are some bakeries, baking mixes, and homemade recipes that use artificial sweeteners. Depending on your preferences, it might be worth trying artificial sweeteners rather than real sugar to avoid raising blood sugar levels. Discuss using sweeteners with your physician so they can make recommendations on what substitutes are safe.

Alternative Options

For a creative touch that won’t affect your blood sugar as much as a regular cake, consider some alternative options to a cake for your baby shower. For example, consider some creative displays with fruit. Or consider making a low sugar or sugar free cheesecake for an option that has less carbohydrates and sugar than a typical cake. With a little creativity, you might find an option that is even better than a typical baby shower cake.

Whatever option you decide on, planning a cake for a baby shower with gestational diabetes often seems like a more daunting task than it is. After all, pregnant mothers with gestational diabetes like cake just as much as the next pregnant mother. With these ideas, hopefully you can find the perfect solution for you. For other gestational diabetes baby shower ideas, click here.