Managing Cravings with Gestational Diabetes

Managing Cravings with Gestational Diabetes

managing cravings with gestational diabetesAny woman that has ever been pregnant can tell you that pregnancy cravings are no joke. There are days that you will have cravings so strong, it feels like you might tear your hair out or just break down and cry if you can’t get what you want. You might get cravings so strong that it keeps you up at night. This is just another part of pregnancy, one that most pregnant women deal with, some stronger than others.

Navigating these cravings with gestational diabetes can be a struggle. Some of your cravings might unfortunately fall into the realm of unhealthy, or even dangerous, for your blood sugar levels. Figuring out how to manage these cravings is going to be an integral part of your healthy gestational diabetes diet.

Here are some ideas to help with managing cravings with Gestational Diabetes:

Figure out What You’re Really Craving

Often times, a craving can serve as a clue to something your body needs. If you can figure out what it is that your body is really craving, you might be able to sidestep the unhealthy craving and give your body what it actually needs. As an example, if you are craving pickles, your body might actually be dehydrated. When your body gets a little dehydrated, it will sometimes crave things that are salty because salty foods can help you retain water. Or, if you are craving a big, greasy, fast food hamburger, consider that you might actually just need some iron. Healthier sources of iron are spinach, beans, and fish. If you are able to figure out what it is that your cravings are telling you, you may be able to find a healthier alternative to answer your body’s craving.

Also keep in mind that staying hydrated can sometimes curb many of your unhealthy cravings. The body sometimes has weird responses to needing something specific, especially when it comes to hydration. If you are thirsty, your body might interpret it as hunger or as a craving for something less than healthy.

Make Substitutions Where Possible

There times where you just crave things that are honestly bad for you, like sweets. Many women report that they have near uncontrollable cravings for sweets. In these situations, it is better to try to find healthier alternatives to the junky foods that you are craving. For example, you could make oatmeal cookies that are sweetened with dates or agave, giving you a sweet alternative that won’t be as harsh on your blood sugar levels. For desserts and sweet snacks, look to naturally sweet fruits when possible, but remember that they can raise your sugar levels as well so be vigilant. Using artificial sweeteners and sugar replacements might also be an option, but talk to your doctor about what options are safe for you.

Keep Overall Track of Your Intake

Depending on your exact situation and your doctor’s orders, you might have room to indulge every now and then. The trick is to keep track of your overall sugar and carbohydrate intake. For example, if you are very careful throughout the day, you might be able to “save” some carbohydrates for a little dessert splurge.

These tips and tricks should help you better manage the sometimes overwhelming cravings that may accompany your pregnancy. Especially for those less than healthy cravings, figuring out what works for you will keep you on track. After all, you are eating for two, so your choices affect both you and your baby. For more information on gestational diabetes diet click here.