Maintaining a Healthy Weight with Gestational Diabetes

Maintaining a Healthy Weight with Gestational Diabetes

Maintaining a Healthy Weight with Gestational DiabetesJust about all of the rules and recommendations for every healthy pregnancy are true for gestational diabetes pregnancies. In most cases, the recommendations are just more stressed as the factors can have more of an impact on a woman with gestational diabetes. Maintaining a healthy weight, for example, is an important factor in just about every pregnancy, but it is especially important for women with gestational diabetes.

Concerned About How Much Weight To Gain?

Lots of women everywhere are concerned about gaining weight during pregnancy. Some women are quite afraid of gaining weight, feel concerned about losing the weight after childbirth, and some relish the idea and are open to weight gain for the sake of their pregnancies. How much weight you should gain really depends on your body, your pre-pregnancy weight, and your doctor’s recommendations. Some women are actually recommended to not gain much weight at all, others are expected to gain up to 35lbs. Everyone is different. You should always look to your doctor to find out the specifics about how much weight you should gain, and any changes you plan to make to your diet and lifestyle.

Why Is Maintaining A Healthy Weight with Gestational Diabetes Important?

Maintaining a healthy weight is important for many reasons. Your weight and overall health have a big impact on whether or not you will experience many pregnancy risk factors, the birth weigh of your baby, and it especially impacts your blood glucose levels. Women with gestational diabetes are strongly cautioned to maintain a healthy weight during pregnancy due to the added stress gaining too much or too little weight can cause your body.

How Can I Maintain A Healthy Pregnancy Weight?

There are many ways you can help yourself maintain a healthy pregnancy weight, so that you are gaining only as much as you need for your healthy pregnancy. These tips will help you maintain the very healthiest pregnancy possible, including keeping your gestational diabetes in check. The main tips come down to the same rules that everyone follows: diet and exercise.

Exercise: Almost every pregnancy can benefit from regular, gentle exercise. Women with gestational diabetes are especially recommended to get regular exercise as it can help you maintain healthy blood glucose levels. Low impact, gentle exercises are generally recommended for pregnancy, more so in the later months. Swimming is one of the very best low impact exercises for pregnant women, and provides you with a great full body exercise without putting much strain or pressure on your body. Simply walking is another great and highly recommended exercises, and is helpful at just about every stage of pregnancy.

Watch What You Eat: Pregnancy makes eating an entirely different adventure than it has ever been before. Foods taste and smell so much different, which can make foods you love abhorrent to you, or make your least favorite foods your new favorites. Many women experience nausea and varying levels of morning sickness, which can make it difficult to eat anything at all, much less healthy foods that are recommended.

Maintaining a healthy diet is a huge part of any pregnancy, from maintaining a healthy weight to controlling gestational diabetes, to keeping morning sickness tamed and energy levels up. To maintain a healthy pregnancy weight, especially with gestational diabetes, you need to monitor what you are eating. Stick to lots of fresh produce, lean proteins, and cut down or eliminate on the carbohydrates and sugars.

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