Low Carbohydrate Substitutions for Moms with Gestational Diabetes

Low Carbohydrate Substitutions for Moms with Gestational Diabetes

For moms with gestational diabetes, it can be hard to maintain a healthy low-carbohydrate diet. Especially when you have other small children, there are always some sort of crackers, cookies, and macaroni within reach, and it can be tough not to succumb to those cravings.

Unless directed otherwise by your personal physician, most gestational diabetic diets recommend 12 carbohydrate choices per day. This might seem like a lot, but when you think about how much cereal, rice, bread, crackers, pasta, and other carbohydrates that your diet is likely filled with, you might think otherwise. To make up for it, you can choose to make substitutions for some of your carbohydrate choices.

Here are some great low carbohydrate substitutions that you can make for your gestational diabetes diet:


X Low Carbohydrate SubstitutionsAdmittedly, just the word lettuce can sound a little boring, but you can do so much with lettuce. Lettuce makes an excellent (and delicious) substitute for carbohydrates such as hamburger buns, taco shells, or sandwich wraps. So now, when your kids are calling for taco night, you can still indulge with them, just simply use pieces of lettuce instead of taco shells. When you’re craving a hamburger, use a few crisp pieces of lettuce rather than a starchy bun and enjoy. You might find that the change is refreshing and quite delicious.


Cauliflower is a whole lot more versatile than anyone ever thought. You can do just about anything with cauliflower, and it makes a really impressive low carbohydrate substitution that fits in perfectly with your gestational diabetes diet.

For a substitute for rice, grate a head of cauliflower before steaming it. You can also mash cauliflower for an impressive substitution for mashed potatoes. Your kids might not even notice the difference, but if you do, replacing just half of your rice or potatoes with the cauliflower option makes a big difference to your carbohydrate intake.

You can even make the ever popular mac&cheese with cauliflower. Simply boil the cauliflower, then stir it into your cheese sauce. For a home-style twist, top with shredded cheese and pop it in the oven.

Vegetable Noodles

Instead of pasta, make your own noodles from fresh vegetables such as squash, zucchini, or eggplant. To make easy noodles, you can purchase a tool specifically built to make delicious noodles from your favorite veggies, such as this “Spiralizer” found on Amazon.

There are many versions of this handy kitchen tool. They can be found both online or in department stores everywhere. They have become quite popular with low-carb diets everywhere, and can make your gestational diabetes diet that much more enjoyable.

Flour Substitutes

There are a lot of substitutions available for flour, and many of them are becoming widely available in grocery stores everywhere. Otherwise, they can almost always be found in Whole Food and natural stores everywhere.

These flour substitutes are made from plant sources, such as nuts. There is almond flour, coconut flour, and many other options that you can cook and bake with. They are easy to use and taste so similar to the real thing that you will barely notice the difference.

There are many easy and tasty low carbohydrate substitutions available for busy moms with gestational diabetes. These substitutions can be used for your whole family, or you might want to keep them just for yourself.

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