Healthy Weight During Pregnancy With Gestational Diabetes

Healthy Weight During Pregnancy With Gestational Diabetes

Healthy Weight During Pregnancy With Gestational DiabetesWeight management during pregnancy might seem like an oxymoron, but weight management doesn’t just apply to weight loss. Weight management has as much to do with proper weight gain, especially during pregnancy, and maintaining a healthy weight overall than anything else.

Weight gain during pregnancy is very normal and actually healthy for your baby. There is a limit to how much weight you are supposed to gain, however. Especially if you have gestational diabetes, your doctor will likely pay more attention to how much weight you are gaining. Weight loss, however, is almost never a good sign when you are pregnant so your doctors will need to be made aware of that as well.

Your doctor will likely look at two factors when examining your weight. They will look at your overall weight gain, and they will look at your weekly weight gain. It is a good idea to weigh yourself on the same day each week and record the values so you and your doctor can discuss your weight management.

Weight Gain During Pregnancy with Gestational Diabetes

Proper Weight Gain

Depending on your height and weight at the time you got pregnant, there will be an expected amount of weight gain. Your doctor may give you this number as a total sum, or he or she might tell you how much weight they expect you to gain each week. For example, in the last trimester of pregnancy doctors generally expect a one pound per week gain.

Too Much Weight Gain

Too much weight gain can affect your blood glucose levels, especially if you already have gestational diabetes. Make sure that you are getting the recommended amount of exercise daily and are not eating more than the recommended amount of calories each day.

Too Little Weight Gain

Your baby needs you to gain weight to provide nourishment. Pregnant women who weighed more at the beginning of the pregnancy will be expected to gain less, but still up to 20 pounds. Smaller women are generally expected to gain more.

Weight Loss During Pregnancy With Gestational Diabetes

Weight loss during pregnancy is generally not recommended. Unless for some reason your doctor tells you differently, trying to lose weight or prevent any weight loss during your pregnancy is very unhealthy and potentially dangerous for your baby. If you notice that you are losing weight, discuss it with your doctor to make sure there is nothing wrong.

How To Maintain a Healthy Weight During Pregnancy With Gestational Diabetes

To maintain a healthy weight during your pregnancy, you will need to follow your doctor’s recommendations on how many calories to eat daily and get the recommended amount of exercise. With gestational diabetes, you also need to keep a close watch on how many carbohydrates and other sugars you eat.

Weight management, as you can now see, is actually a very important part of a healthy pregnancy. Especially for mothers-to-be with gestational diabetes, weight management and the way you gain weight is often an indicator of a healthy pregnancy or potential complications. Make sure you follow all of your doctor’s orders and follow up with any questions or concerns that you have about your weight gain during pregnancy.

Pregnancy is an exciting time and with gestational diabetes can also be a scary time. You are not alone, I too had gestational diabetes. Please follow my blog for more information about healthy weight during pregnancy with gestational diabetes and other tips and help.