Gluten Free Diets and Gestational Diabetes

Gluten Free Diets and Gestational Diabetes

gluten free gestational diabetesWomen with gestational diabetes often need to follow certain healthy diets. There are many diets that are recommended for gestational diabetes patients to follow, the most common being a high protein, low carbohydrate diet. Another diet that is sometimes being recommended is referred to as a “gluten free” diet.

According to the American Diabetes Association, there is a correlation between celiac disease and diabetes. Celiac disease is basically an allergy to a certain food protein called gluten. Gluten is typically found in wheat products, such as breads and pastas. The connection that the American Diabetes Association found was that although the occurrence of celiac disease is pretty uncommon, they found a higher percentage of people with celiac disease within the diabetes community.

Now, if you have gestational diabetes, this does not mean you have a higher risk of celiac disease or anything like that. What this study really means to you is that gluten free diets such as the one followed for celiac disease patients, might be helpful for treating your diabetes. After all, gluten is typically found in many high carbohydrate foods like breads and pasta.

Many people believe that to follow a gluten free diet, you have to eat boring or tasteless foods. There is nothing further from the truth; however, as there are so many options available for anyone following a gluten free diet. Especially recently, as gluten free diets have become more widely recommended and followed, there are many recipe books, special foods, and other products that have become available almost everywhere.

Research Recipes

If you are looking at following a gluten free diet to treat your gestational diabetes, you should start looking up recipes. You can find gluten free recipes in books, magazines, and online quite easily. Search through those recipes and start making a list of delicious new foods to try. Reading through gluten free recipes like this will also help you learn about what sort of ingredients are considered gluten free.

Common Gluten Free Ingredients

•    Oats
•    Rice and Rice Based Products
•    Fruit
•    Vegetables
•    Dairy Products
•    Eggs
•    Meats
•    Corn and Corn Based Products
•    Potatoes and Potato Based Products

Keep Counting Carbohydrates

Keep in mind that a gluten free gestational diabetes diet does not mean carbohydrate free. Just because you are eating a gluten free diet does not mean you do not need to keep track of your carbohydrate intake. In order to keep your blood sugar levels stable, you should still limit your carbohydrates and watch how much sugar you are consuming.

One reason why gluten free gestational diabetes diets are healthy even for those that do not have celiac disease, is that most of the foods this diet focuses on are whole and unprocessed foods. Much of a gluten free diet focuses on lots of fresh produce and lean proteins, supplemented with small amounts of carbohydrates such as rice or potatoes. There is, of course, processed gluten free foods such as rice noodles and potato tortillas, but these foods are meant to be eaten in moderation.

A gluten free diet may help you control your gestational diabetes. Do some research about recipes and learn more about what foods you like to eat and what contains gluten. Remember to always speak to your doctor about making any changes to your diet or lifestyle.