Gestational Diabetes Recipes

Gestational Diabetes Recipes

Quite often I get requests for good recipes for gestational diabetes.  Well, it is ok to find one or two select recipes on a website or on someones blog but what really what is needed is a set of recipes for that you can count on being correct for your needs both calorie intake and carbohydrates.  As I prepared these gestational diabetes recipes for myself during my run in with gestational diabetes, twice, I found that searching for these and figuring these out was not really easy.  And I am a registered dietitian and should be able to figure it out.  It was not easy, but I hope you will be very happy that I spent the time to refine these and get them right for all of us!

Each gestational diabetes recipe is created for the specific purpose of being a gestational diabetes recipe.  These are not strictly diabetic recipes, which is more commonly what you will find in cookbooks and online forum threads.  Each recipe has all the nutritional information that you will need for tracking in your gestational diabetes journal.  As your doctor wants you to track and document all the blood glucose numbers and foods you will need a gestational diabetes journal to manage and track all the information.

Gestational Diabetes Journal: Keeping Your Baby Healthy (Baby Steps For Gestational Diabetes) (Volume 2)

Gestational Diabetes Recipes









My gestational diabetes recipes are all really tasty and you find them very easy to prepare.  I have made sure that there are beef, chicken, pork and vegetarian all included so you can have plenty of choices to pick and choose what you want. I have included in the gestational diabetes recipes as well, side dishes and some very good deserts.  Yummy and good!  We all have cravings for something and we need to have a little something sweet every once in a while. Right?

The gestational diabetes recipes here come in two forms, I have created both a pdf download version or print version on Amazon both with a full meal planner with instructions and recipes for download or purchase on Amazon.  I sure hope you will try them and I wish you the best for you and a healthy pregnancy.

Find the Download PDf of the book here and the Amazon print version click here!

Does eating out always seem to be a problem with gestational diabetes? Cravings? Going out with friends and family?  The book below gives you some direction on eating out and grocery shopping!


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