Gestational Diabetes Recipes – 4 Secrets To A Wonderful Meal

Check out this great video we did about how to spice up your gestational diabetes recipes and make them wonderful for your entire family!

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  1. I am 15 weeks pregnant with my 2nd and have GD again. My biggest problem is keeping my fasting levels down. Any suggestions would be appreciated! I’ve tried a snack, protein with a carb, etc., but they are still relatively high in the fasting hour. I’m generally 5.8 to 6.7 or 104.4 to 120.6. The 6.7 has only happened once but it’s worrisome and that was eating the same type of snack I generally do before bed so you can see why it drives me crazy. One day, a snack will give me 5.8 and the next day a 6.7.

    Love this website – it has been beneficial to me since I found it!

    • Your morning numbers are going to be high sometimes due to the dawn effect, but many women have found that they could eat something like – ice cream – and have a better number in the morning than eating just a carbohydrate. It’s because of the fat in the ice cream (that’s the theory). So, if you are not on insulin or other medication and trying to manage with just diet, I would recommend something like 2 tablespoons of peanut butter (fat and protein) or a bit of ice cream (I know it sounds strange! and not fat free ice cream) By bit, I mean about 1/2 cup and see what happens. You definitely need to eat a snack in the evening or your blood sugar probably gets too low. But I would try some fat/protein mixtures without carbohydrate and see if it helps. Thank you for the compliment on the website. I know how hard it is and how you feel. I appreciate you reading.


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