How to Plan Gestational Diabetes Friendly Snacks

How to Plan Gestational Diabetes Friendly Snacks

Snacks are an important part of anyone’s healthy diet, but especially when you are eating for more than just yourself. Your gestational diabetes diet includes recommendations as well as restrictions on what you can and should not eat. Planning ahead helps you make the best decisions possible to keep your blood sugar levels balanced.

Know What to Eat

Simply knowing which foods are good options and which foods should be avoided is a major step up for making the best decisions possible.

Whole Grains— Instead of white bread and rice, go for whole grain options. Whole wheat crackers and bread make better carbohydrate choices than their white counterparts.

Protein— With your carbohydrate choice, include some protein. For example, a piece of toast can be balanced out with a tablespoon or two of natural peanut butter.

Fresh Veggies— You can eat just about as many fresh vegetables as you want, so when you get hungry, turn to carrots, celery, and cucumber slices. They are easy to chop up and carry with you just about anywhere.

Fresh Fruit— Although you do have to watch your sugar intake, an apple is perhaps one of the easiest healthy snacks you can carry. Blueberries are an easy grab and go snack as well, and they are full of extra goodness like antioxidants.

Prepare Your Snacks

Keep single servings of snacks at the ready at all times. You can use snack sized baggies and prepare multiple snacks at once so you will always have them.

Keeping snacks ready this way not only makes it so you always have something to grab or take with you, but will also help you avoid overeating, especially when it comes to crackers and other carbohydrate choices.

To keep your blood sugar levels balanced and avoid hunger pains; snacking is an important part of any pregnant woman’s diet plan, especially mothers with gestational diabetes. A little bit of planning goes a long way when it comes to meals and gestational diabetes friendly snacks. Planning helps you make better decisions and helps you be prepared at all times.