Gestational Diabetes: Fear is Not the Answer

Gestational Diabetes: Fear is Not the Answer

worry about gestational diabetesGestational diabetes, which is a marked increase in blood glucose levels during pregnancy, is an understandably scary situation. A lot of women tend to panic when even thinking about the possibility of gestational diabetes. Although it is understandable that you might worry about gestational diabetes, and any steps in the process of being diagnosed, fear is truly not the answer.


The testing process for gestational diabetes is rather simple, although a lot of women dread the oral glucose tolerance test.

The test consists of drinking a sugary, syrup-like concoction and then having your blood sugar tested about an hour after the drink. The testing solution is very sweet and most people really dislike it, but there are a few with a strong sweet tooth that report genuinely liking it.

If the test shows elevated blood glucose levels, you will be scheduled for a second test. This test will involve fasting before the test, and then you will be given a similar but stronger solution to drink. After drinking the solution, your blood sugar will be tested three times, in hour increments. It is time intensive, but not very scary.

Some women report feeling extremely dizzy or nauseated and some even throw up after drinking the solution. This is not an indication of having gestational diabetes and is individual to each pregnancy. If you feel ill after drinking the solution, report it to a nurse immediately so that they can help make you more comfortable.


If you are diagnosed, which is a pretty uncommon occurrence, your doctor will walk you through the process of being treated for gestational diabetes. Do not panic. Treatment for gestational diabetes is not as terrifying as it might feel after hearing the diagnosis, and if you follow your doctor’s instructions, you shouldn’t have any complications.

The majority of gestational diabetes cases are treated simply with proper diet and exercise. A healthy, balanced diet, with a particular avoidance for sweets, is usually all that is needed along with getting out for a little exercise. You might also be asked to test your blood sugar regularly.

This test is done with a simple pin prick as the very slightest drop of blood can register a proper test. It might sound scary, especially to do it yourself, but it really isn’t so bad and you will get used to it. You can even have your partner or other friend or family member help you until you get used to doing it yourself.

Some cases do require medication. Sometimes pills, or on occasion shots, must be self-administered to keep your blood glucose levels stable so you and your baby can remain healthy. Do not let the idea of medication, or shots, scare you off. Although the situation certainly isn’t ideal, this is just one step on the way to delivering a healthy and happy baby. Just keep that in mind and do your best not to be so afraid. These medications are prescribed to help you, and that is what they will do.


The most important part of this entire process is to breathe and take one step at a time. Many women worry about gestational diabetes, so you are not alone. The fact is that panicking is not going to help you or your baby. Fear is not the answer, action is. Follow the directions that your doctor gives you, eat healthy and get exercise as directed, and do whatever else your doctor says and you will get through this. The best part is that at the end of a little struggle, you will have that baby in your arms — and that will make it all worth it.

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