Managing Food Aversions and Gestational Diabetes

Managing Food Aversions and Gestational Diabetes

food aversions and gestational diabetesIf there is one thing nearly every pregnant woman has dealt with, it is food aversions. When the slightest scent, taste, or even look of particular foods can send you running for the bathroom, cooking and eating become a whole other issue to contend with. To make matters more difficult, you now have to balance your food aversions and gestational diabetes. It is issues like this that make growing your little bundle of joy slightly less than joyful at times.

The good news is that there are some tips and techniques that can help you manage your food aversions and gestational diabetes. What works for one woman may not work for you, so be patient with yourself as you try and figure out what is going to help you through these difficult weeks of food aversions and morning sickness.

Here are some tips for managing food aversions and gestational diabetes:

Do Your Best and Don’t Fret

The number one worry for women who have food aversions and morning sickness during their pregnancy is the worry that their baby is not getting the nutrition he or she needs. Actually, your baby is able to absorb whatever it needs from your body, so you are the one that will be depleted a long time before it is a worry for your baby. So, focus on getting the nutrition that you need and keeping your blood glucose levels stable. Sometimes you are going to make mistakes, and sometimes the only things you are going to feel able to eat are some saltine crackers. Just do your best and try not to stress yourself out any more than you already are.

Listen To Your Body

This tip has a catch. There is a difference between listening to your body and giving in on temptations. Sometimes, your body is going to crave sugary, fatty, carbohydrate loaded foods. Often, this is just your blood sugar tricking your brain because of an insulin imbalance. Instead, pay close attention and listen to those healthy cravings. If you feel like you might enjoy some broccoli with your dinner, make sure to eat your fill as your body likely needs something that is in the foods you are craving. Especially when you have food aversions with gestational diabetes, eating what you are craving (within reason) is the best way to keep your body nourished.

Break Up Your Meals

Many women find that breaking up their meals into smaller, more frequent meals is the best way to get enough food and nutrition throughout the day. Not only will it help with getting more food down, but it will also help you keep your blood glucose levels stable throughout the day. Also consider cutting your foods into smaller bites, as this may help you get more down without setting off your gag reflex.

Give Yourself Options

One problem with food aversions and gestational diabetes is that you never know what will set your gag reflex off one day to the next. Keeping a lot of options available will help you to always have something on hand that you might be better able to eat.

You can manage your food aversions and your gestational diabetes; you just have to find out what works for you. Try incorporating these tips and techniques into your life, and see how much they can help you eat properly and keep healthy during your pregnancy.  For more gestational diabetes tips, click here.