Planning an Evening Out with Gestational Diabetes

Planning an Evening Out with Gestational Diabetes

eating out with gestational diabetesAn evening out may be just what you need, but the added hassle of worrying about what you can and cannot eat with gestational diabetes may take some of the joy out of the event. Not to worry, however, because with a simple amount of planning, you can still enjoy eating out with gestational diabetes.

Here are some ideas to help you plan a successful evening out with gestational diabetes:

Research Menus

The last thing you want to do is find yourself in a restaurant and have no idea what, if anything, you can eat there. Most restaurants have their menus very conveniently posted on their websites so you can do a little research ahead of time to learn what the best options will be for you to eat. Make a small list of places you would like to go, and then visit each of their websites to compare healthy dishes that are gestational diabetes friendly and see what looks best to you. This little bit of research will help you decide where the best place to go will be.

Call Ahead

If you are unable to find a restaurant’s menu online or visit beforehand, you can also get some information straight from the source. Call ahead and discuss what healthier menu options they offer, and discuss how accommodating they can be with substitutions. Often, explaining that you have gestational diabetes and require a few special considerations will help the restaurant understand how to help you best. You might even find that some establishments are more than happy to make you a special meal that you can enjoy without worrying.

Request Substitutions

Most restaurants are going to be accommodating to making a few substitutions for particular menu items, and this can really help you make the best decisions for your gestational diabetes diet. For example, if a menu item comes with a side of pasta you could request vegetables on the side instead. Often, sauces are the biggest thing to watch out for, as they are filled with excess sodium, sugars, and other additives that might taste great but not be so great for you. You can always request sauces to be lessened, omitted, or left on the side.

Plan Your Day

Making concessions during your day will also allow you to be a little more flexible during your evening out. So, watching your carbohydrate intake throughout the day may allow you to splurge a little as long as you are careful and vigilant. Just be careful to monitor your blood glucose levels and pay attention to how you are feeling.

Plan an Activity

Planning a great evening out usually starts with dinner, but it can include some fun activities as well. Especially if you end up splurging a little at dinner, a bit of activity could help take the pressure off your body to burn the excess sugars. Go dancing, walk around a park, or do a fun activity like bowling to end the night.

Just like any other pregnant woman, you deserve to enjoy a nice, fun, relaxing evening out. Planning an evening out can be just as enjoyable with gestational diabetes. All you need to do is focus a little more on the planning aspect of the evening, so you know what the best dinner decisions will be and how to work extras into your day.

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