Tips for Dining Out with Gestational Diabetes

Tips for Dining Out with Gestational Diabetes

dining out with gestational diabetesDining out with gestational diabetes can sometimes loses its charm. The huge portions, rich sauces, and decadent desserts sometimes feel like they are just taunting you. However, whether it is a special night out, a gathering with friends, or one of those days where you’re just too tired to cook, everyone dines out once in a while.

Dining out can still be a fun experience, even with gestational diabetes. Your dietary restrictions are not so strict that they omit all of the best foods, and the healthier options honestly almost always taste better. Even so, dining out with gestational diabetes might seem like an overwhelming temptation, considering that you are eating not just for your own heath, but for baby’s health too.

Keeping that in mind, there are many go-to tips for dining out with gestational diabetes without all of the guess work.

Healthier Options

Many restaurants, especially chains, are now offering a healthier menu. This menu section will have lower fat and calorie meals, and might even list their carbohydrates as well. To take a lot of the guess work out of your menu choices, stick to this menu. If you aren’t sure if your favorite restaurant has a menu like this, call ahead or check their website. Most restaurants will be willing to work with your specific dietary needs if you call ahead.

Simplicity is Best

If the restaurant you’re at doesn’t offer a healthier menu, just remember to keep your selection as simple as possible. A grilled entree like chicken, pork, or even steak without any added sauces keeps your main dish lean and full of protein. For your sides, choose steamed vegetables or a salad. Avoid rich sauces and breading, as they have the potential to spike your blood sugar.

Avoid The Bread Basket

With gestational diabetes, you have to be wary of your carbohydrate intake because carbohydrates turn to sugar in your body. This means that you are better off avoiding the bread basket. If it is just you and your family, you can even request that the server not bring bread to your table to resist temptation.  Especially since you are eating out and may make other less than healthy choices, skipping the bread is a small concession that will make a big difference.

Take It To-Go

If you just can’t resist ordering a pasta dish or other meal that doesn’t fit into your diet plan, ask for the server to wrap half or more of your meal in a to-go box. This will help you avoid overeating, especially on high carbohydrate dishes. If the restaurant offers half sized meals, this will make it even easier on you.

Skip or Share Dessert

When the dessert menu comes around, take time to think seriously about how dessert may affect your blood sugar levels. If you made a few less than perfect decisions regarding your meal, like eating a lot of bread or pasta, you really are better off skipping dessert. If you stuck to a pretty healthy plan, however, and you just can bear to skip dessert, opt to share a dessert instead of finishing a whole plate by yourself.

Each of these little tips will help you dine out with gestational diabetes, and together they can make dining out a lot less scary. When you are eating for two with gestational diabetes, you have to make good decisions. You can dine out and still eat healthy. For other information on dinning out with gestational diabetes click here.