Hosting a Dinner Party with Gestational Diabetes

Hosting a Dinner Party with Gestational Diabetes

party with gestational diabetesHosting a dinner party when you have gestational diabetes might seem like a daunting task, but you might find that it is easier and more fun than you originally imagined. With a little research and planning, you will be able to create a delicious and healthy meal plan that everyone can enjoy. There are many benefits to hosting a dinner party with gestational diabetes, too. For one, you do not have to worry about what you can and cannot eat because you are in control of the menu. You also reap the benefits of being in the comfort of your own home.

The Planning Stage

The basics of putting together a successful dinner party revolve around adequate research and meal planning. If you put a little work into this part of the process, you will find that everything else tends to fall into place rather easily. [Read more…]

Healthy Sweet Treats for Gestational Diabetes

Healthy Sweet Treats for Gestational Diabetes

sweet treats for gestational diabetesJust because you have gestational diabetes does not mean that cravings do not apply to you. Like all pregnant women, you likely have some odd food cravings. You might even have a sweet tooth on occasion. Gestational diabetes does mean that you have to watch what you eat to keep your blood glucose levels in check for the safety of your own health as well as the health of your unborn child. So knowing what sweet treats for gestational diabetes are safe could be a real asset.

Sure, there are plenty of sugar free candies, snacks, and desserts, but they are not recommended for women with gestational diabetes. Sugar free foods typically have sugar alcohols which can still raise your blood sugar. They also can have a laxative affect on many people, not to mention that many sugar free foods contain ingredients that could be harmful to baby. In small doses, it is okay to occasionally indulge in a little bit of sugar free sweets, but there are way more satisfying and healthy sweets for you to eat. [Read more…]

Meal Ideas For Gestational Diabetes Patients

Meal Ideas For Gestational Diabetes Patients

meal ideas for gestational diabetesWomen with gestational diabetes often have to put a bit more thought into their everyday meals and snacks. This is because every bite of food affects their blood sugar levels, and ultimately the health of their unborn baby. This alone can cause many women a lot of stress when it comes to finding healthy meal ideas that fit into a gestational diabetes diet.

If you have gestational diabetes, try not to worry so much. Yes, it is important to closely monitor your diet and blood sugar levels, but you do not have to stress so much. It is actually fairly easy to find delicious and healthy meal ideas that are good for gestational diabetes patients.

Here are just a few meal ideas for gestational diabetes patients: [Read more…]

Healthy Salty Snacks For Gestational Diabetes

Healthy Salty Snacks For Gestational Diabetes

salty snacks for gestational diabetes

Gestational diabetes means that you have to be careful about your diet in order to keep your blood sugar levels in check for the safety of your unborn baby. Most people realize that this means limiting your sugar intake, but it is actually more than that. The carbohydrates that you ingest are converted into sugar in your body, so they need to be counted as well. This means that salty snacks need to be monitored just as much as sweet snacks do.


Actually all pregnant women, not just those with gestational diabetes, should control their salt intake during pregnancy. This is because excess salt can cause water retention, which is responsible for those painfully swollen ankles. Water retention can cause swelling all over your body, increase blood pressure, and even cause stress on your baby. [Read more…]

Grocery Shopping For Your Gestational Diabetes Meal Plan

Grocery Shopping For Your Gestational Diabetes Meal Plan

When planning for your gestational diabetes diet, knowing what to buy and how to shop for what you need can get complicated. What you eat weighs heavily on your heath when you have gestational diabetes, and keeping yourself and your unborn baby are of utmost importance. With that in mind, grocery shopping for your gestational diabetes meal plan becomes a bit more than just your everyday trip to the market.

Here are some tips to help you have a successful grocery experience:

Make A List and Stick To It

grocery shopping for your gestational diabetesA little preparation can go far when it comes to grocery shopping for your gestational diabetes meal plan. To make the most of each trip to the grocery store, you should make a detailed list of the items you need. To form the best list, do a little research beforehand. [Read more…]

Grocery Shopping With Gestational Diabetes

Grocery Shopping With Gestational Diabetes

Grocery Shopping With Gestational DiabetesGrocery shopping is not typically one of people’s favorite chores, but it is an important one. Unfortunately, in order to put food on the table you have to brave the aisles and florescent lights. If you are a mother to be with gestational diabetes, what you buy when grocery shopping affects more than just yourself. What you eat affects your glucose levels and your unborn child.

A successful grocery trip relies on a few different factors. Using these simple tips can make your grocery shopping trips more efficient and also help to make sure that the items you bring home fit into a healthy diet plan.

[Read more…]

Creating A Meal Plan For Gestational Diabetes

Creating A Meal Plan For Gestational Diabetes

Meal Plan For Gestational DiabetesOne of the most important parts of your pregnancy with gestational diabetes is eating. What you eat, how much of it you eat, and when you eat are constant matters of great importance because regulating your blood sugar is an integral part of your healthy pregnancy. You, of course, understand the importance of this, but that doesn’t make it any less troublesome to keep up with it all.


Preparing, planning, and eating with gestational diabetes might seem a daunting task now, but it can get easier. You simply need to create a meal plan for gestational diabetes. The first time or two it might take a little extra thought, but soon enough you’ll be eating healthy for two without worry. [Read more…]

Setting A Schedule For Gestational Diabetes Prenatal Care

Setting A Schedule For Gestational Diabetes Prenatal Care

Setting A Schedule For Gestational DiabetesOne of your most useful tools for prenatal care, especially when you have gestational diabetes, is a schedule. Sure, it seems too easy, but setting a schedule for your gestational diabetes prenatal care can truly make your life much simpler. From helping your remember appointments, to meal planning, you can take a little pressure off your shoulders.

Appointment Reminders

Pregnancy often means lots of important doctors’ appointments, more so if you have gestational diabetes. Missing appointments can cause a lot of trouble, especially when trying to reschedule with your busy schedule, plus your doctor’s already full appointment books. Add to that missed appointment fees for most offices, and you really can’t afford to be missing appointments.

Setting a firm schedule with appointment reminders can help you avoid missing appointments, and help you schedule your follow ups on the most convenient days.

Meal Planning

One of the important aspects of caring for yourself during a gestational diabetes pregnancy is eating and meal planning. A schedule can help you maintain a healthier and more regulated diet so you can help keep your gestational diabetes under control.

Everyone gets busy and forgets to eat every now and then, or finds themselves unprepared when hunger strikes. Unfortunately, skipping meals and eating certain unhealthy foods can be detrimental to a gestational diabetes diet. Keep a schedule of meal times and what you plan to eat, as well as grocery lists and preparation lists, to keep yourself on track at all times.

Weight Monitoring

As with all pregnancies, you will need to keep track of your weight and monitor how much you gain each week. Keeping a schedule can help you keep track your results and help you remember which days you should weigh yourself. Keeping track of all of the little nuances of pregnancy make it much easier to share information with your doctor when it comes to checkups as well.

Meal, Medication, and Testing Reminders

Just because you are pregnant and have gestational diabetes doesn’t mean you don’t still have a busy life, which means you are likely to forget things every now and then. Setting a schedule for meal and snack times, medications, and all of those important little tasks that can be easy to forget, can make your pregnancy much easier. Especially for gestational diabetes prenatal care, there are often so many extra things to remember that are important enough to take whatever steps needed to remember. Testing your blood glucose levels, for example, is something that you need to remember to do quite often, and keeping track of those values is important. Setting a schedule not only helps you remember, but gives you somewhere to log and keep the information.

Prenatal care for gestational diabetes is full of doctor’s appointments, monitoring of weight and other health values, meal planning and more. All of this can build up and seem quite stressful. Life does not have to be hard, setting a schedule for gestational diabetes will help more than you think.  Get ready – life will be full of schedules after the baby is here, so look at this as practice. For more help with your gestational diabetes click here.

Tips For Controlling Gestational Diabetes

Tips For Controlling Gestational Diabetes

tips for controlling gestational diabetesGestational diabetes are two words that no soon to be mother wants to hear. Mothers are already carrying extra stress and worry for their unborn child without the added burden of a medical issue. Luckily, however, gestational diabetes is not as worrisome of a condition as it once was. In fact, with the right treatment and consistent monitoring from mom to be, mothers can enjoy a happy, healthy, and relatively normal pregnancy even with gestational diabetes.

Here are some tips for controlling gestational diabetes:

Watch What You Eat

When you are diagnosed with gestational diabetes, one major thing that the doctor might stress is diet control. In some cases, medication is needed, but most instances of gestational diabetes are controlled through diet and exercise. What you eat has a big affect on your blood glucose levels, so you will need to pay special attention to what and how often you eat.

Your doctor will likely recommend multiple small meals throughout the day that are high in fiber and protein and low in sugar and carbohydrates. You should also drink plenty of water throughout the day and supplement your diet with lots of fresh fruits and vegetables.

Get Moving

Exercise is another part of healthy living that becomes extra important for mothers with gestational diabetes. It is highly recommended that you get active during your pregnancy, of course within the parameters set by your doctors.

Generally in the first trimester it is safe for you to engage in normal and fairly high impact exercises like running and aerobics. As you progress into your pregnancy you may need to move on to lighter impact activities such as walking, swimming, and yoga. Always discuss exercises with your doctor before starting an exercise routine or trying anything new.

Follow Up With Doctors

Throughout your pregnancy, you will have routine checkups, blood work, and other appointments you need to follow up with. If at all possible, you should never skip appointments and you should follow all instructions given to you by your doctor.

If your gestational diabetes requires that you take medications, it is necessary that you follow instructions and take those medications as directed. Not doing so could cause complications for both you and your baby.

Test Regularly

Mothers with gestational diabetes are often required to test their own blood sugar levels regularly. This is usually a daily occurrence, sometimes more. While the idea of pricking yourself with a needle might be unpleasant, you will learn soon enough that it isn’t that bad, and it is very important that you follow through with testing regularly.

Overall, the key to controlling gestational diabetes is you. Simply following doctors’ orders when it comes to food and medications, keeping a healthy exercise regimen, testing blood glucose regularly, and maintaining a healthy balanced lifestyle all around are the best way to control gestational diabetes. You might be feeling scared right now if you were just diagnosed, but understand that gestational diabetes does not mean that you cannot have a healthy and happy pregnancy. Information is the key, please click around my blog for more information.

Tips For Monitoring Blood Sugar Throughout Your Pregnancy

Tips For Monitoring Blood Sugar Throughout Your Pregnancy

Monitoring Blood Sugar Throughout PregnancyGestational diabetes is a fairly rare occurrence where blood sugar levels become raised and/or unstable during pregnancy. It used to be a very scary condition where mothers had to worry about the health of their pregnancies and childbirth became something to fear. Luckily, medicine has advanced so much that gestational diabetes is easily controlled and mothers with this condition can maintain happy and healthy pregnancies.


Gestational diabetes relies mostly on a controlled diet to keep blood glucose levels stable, as well as regular exercise and an overall healthy lifestyle. In very few cases, medication is also needed to regulate blood sugar levels. Keeping track of blood glucose levels is an important part of monitoring gestational diabetes.

Here are some tips for monitoring your blood sugar throughout pregnancy with gestational diabetes:

Be Prepared: Always have your testing supplies with you at all times. You never know when you are going to get stuck at the office, or if a situation comes up where you will need to test your blood sugar. It might be a good idea to have an extra meter and supplies at your office, or keep them in your purse with you in the event that you need them.

Calibrate: While many of the newer models have advanced to not need calibration and are super accurate, you want to make sure your testing monitor is working properly. It wouldn’t hurt to take your monitoring equipment with you to your doctor’s office and test it against theirs. This can help make sure you are getting an accurate reading.

Be Consistent: Depending on your specific case and what is recommended by your physician, you will need to test your blood sugar anywhere from three to six times per day. Set an alarm or timer to remind you to check your blood sugar at these particular times so you are doing so at the same time every day.

Write It Down: Some people only write down their blood sugar measurements when they are abnormal, so they can report it to their doctors. It is really best to write down all of your results every time you test, every day. Keep a running log of your blood sugar results so that if you ever have something abnormal happen, you have documentation of all your previous tests.

Testing Methods: Testing your blood sugar up to six times a day can mean having to prick your fingers as many times in a day, every day. While the prick itself isn’t all that painful, the repeated testing can cause some discomfort. Here are some tips for more comfortable testing methods:

  • Always prick the insides of your fingers, not the sides. Not only will testing hurt less, but the pads of your fingers won’t be as sore.
  • Wash your hands with warm water before testing, not just to clean and disinfect the testing area, but also to get the blood moving to your fingers. It will be less painful and the blood will come easier.
  • Alternate which finger you use regularly. For each testing, use a different finger and then rotate. This will give each prick site more time to heal.

With these tips, testing and monitoring blood sugar throughout pregnancy can become just another easy routine in your day. For more tips on your gestational diabetes check out my other blogs.