Gentle Exercises for Gestational Diabetes Patients

Gentle Exercises for Gestational Diabetes Patients

benefits of exercise for gestational diabetesStaying active is an important part of just about every pregnancy. It helps to keep both you and your unborn child healthy, keeps blood pumping, and can actually help to increase energy especially while you feel like you have none. Gestational diabetes patients can especially benefit from getting some regular exercise.

The Benefits of Exercise for Gestational Diabetes

Regular exercise can actually help you control your gestational diabetes. This is because it gives your body a healthy outlet to expend extra sugar and calories, which in turn can help to maintain healthy blood sugar levels. In fact, studies have shown that in many cases, moderate exercise during pregnancy can actually help to control blood glucose levels almost as well as taking insulin.

Exercise is important for all pregnancies, as it can help you achieve healthy birth weight, prepare your body for birth, and it reduces the risk of many pregnancy complications. Anything that can help you have a healthier pregnancy is doubly important for women with gestational diabetes, especially when it can help you alleviate stress.

Recommended Exercises for Gestational Diabetes

Walking: Going for at least one walk per day can help increase your health greatly. Taking multiple walks whenever you have time during the day will not only help you achieve a healthier pregnancy, but it can help you feel great as well. Walk at your own level, quick paced or leisurely, and maintain a fairly regular schedule. The great thing about walking is that you can do it just about anywhere and at any time. No gym membership or class needed.

Swimming: Swimming is one of the most highly recommended exercises during pregnancy. It is as low impact as you can get, so you can do it even in the later months. Women who experience balance problems, back pain, and more during pregnancy find swimming to be the best exercise for them because it takes the weight off their bodies, allowing them to feel comfortably weightless. Simply treading water, swimming around, or doing some laps, is an excellent exercise for all pregnant women, especially those with gestational diabetes.

Prenatal Yoga: In community centers, hospitals, and health clubs everywhere there are prenatal classes available. These classes offer gentle, relaxed, yoga classes for women at all levels, who are at various stages of pregnancy. Prenatal yoga is great for strength training and flexibility, both of which will be of great use during the birthing and recovery process.

Pregnant women everywhere can benefit from regular exercise, and women with gestational diabetes are no exception. In fact, women with gestational diabetes could perhaps benefit the most from the perks of regular exercise. Lower stress, increased stamina, better sleep, and lower risk of pregnancy complications are just a few of the many benefits of exercise during pregnancy. Add to that better weight and blood glucose level management and you cannot deny that exercise is helpful for women with gestational diabetes. Talk to your doctor about any changes you plan to make to your diet or lifestyle, and try some of these gentle exercises for your healthy pregnancy. Still have questions about exercising with gestational diabetes? Check out this blog post.