How To Avoid Gestational Diabetes

How To Avoid Gestational Diabetes

Avoid Gestational Diabetes

Gestational_Diabetes_Meal Plan CoverGestational diabetes is a condition wherein there are high levels of glucose in the bloodstream. It occurs to pregnant women, especially to those who have high risk factors of getting the condition. In reality, there are no surefire ways to avoid gestational diabetes. The best that you can do is to adapt healthy habits not just during pregnancy but even before you decide to get pregnant. This way, you are lessening your risk of developing gestational diabetes, as well as avoid gestational diabetes in later pregnancies and type 2 diabetes later in life. Here are some guidelines on how to avoid gestational diabetes:



Plan your pregnancy-How To Avoid Gestational Diabetes

It is best to talk to your doctor before deciding to get pregnant. This is especially true for women who are at high risk of developing gestational diabetes during pregnancy. A pregnancy plan might not help you totally avoid gestational diabetes, but it will prepare you physically, emotionally, and mentally. If you are overweight, which is one of the modifiable risk factors in gestational diabetes, your doctor will advise you to lose some weight first to avoid gestational diabetes. After all, weight loss is no longer encouraged once you are pregnant.

Undergo blood sugar testing-How To Avoid Gestational Diabetes

You can ask your doctor to check your blood sugar levels before getting pregnant just to make sure that they are within the normal range and will help you avoid gestational diabetes. For all you know, you might be on the pre-diabetes stage already, and this will make it hard for you to avoid gestational diabetes during pregnancy. You can have your glucose levels checked as early as three months before pregnancy. If the results are highly elevated, then you might need to do something about your weight and diet so that you can avoid gestational diabetes once you get pregnant.

Go for nutritional counseling-How To Avoid Gestational Diabetes

In order to avoid gestational diabetes, you need to have a healthy diet and watch what you eat. You have to commit to a healthy food plan that will help keep your blood glucose levels within the target range and at the same time supply your baby with enough nutrition. You can ask help from your nutritionist in devising a meal plan that will help you avoid gestational diabetes. Meal plans should consist of a combination of carbohydrates, fats, and proteins, although you need to regulate your carbohydrate intake. In addition, you need to control your portions as well as the timing of your meals, as these can affect your blood glucose levels.

Have an exercise plan-How To Avoid Gestational Diabetes

Even if you don’t need to lose weight, you need to exercise if you want to avoid gestational diabetes. An exercise plan will help you have some physical activity not just before pregnancy but even during your pregnancy period. It will help you maintain your weight, which is one of the modifiable risk factors in gestational diabetes. You can talk to your health care provider regarding a safe exercise plan that you can d throughout your pregnancy to avoid gestational diabetes.

Even if there is no guaranteed way to avoid gestational diabetes, it does not mean that you should already give up your hope of doing so. Keep in mind that a healthy lifestyle lowers your risk for gestational diabetes, hence sparing you and your baby from the complications of the said condition.

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