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Did I Cause My Gestational Diabetes?

Did I Cause My Gestational Diabetes?

did i cause my gestational diabetesWorrying is perhaps the number one past time of pregnant women everywhere. Pregnant women worry about the health of their baby, about how to prepare for the baby, and about just about every little thing down to whether or not they have enough tiny socks for their baby to wear when he is born. Women that have extra factors to worry about, such as gestational diabetes, probably experience this exponentially more.

Gestational diabetes also seems to bring forth a sense of guilt, as if the women that have gestational diabetes may have done something to ultimately case their condition. While there are factors that can contribute to contracting gestational diabetes, the answer to this notion is an overwhelming, astounding no. You did not, under any circumstances, cause gestational diabetes.

The True Cause of Gestational Diabetes

Ultimately, the causes of gestational diabetes are the changes, primarily hormonal changes, which occur in the body during pregnancy. There are two occurrences that are thought to contribute to gestational diabetes. The first is that the hormone insulin, which is supposed to convert glucose into energy, becomes ineffective. The second is that, while the body has become insulin resistant, the placenta is producing more hormones that cause a buildup of glucose. So these two factors together create the problem.

There are factors that can contribute to the likelihood of gestational diabetes. Some of these are factors that could be controlled by the mother, and some are genetic. Either way, these are merely factors that can contribute to the possibility of getting gestational diabetes, but do not in any way actually cause gestational diabetes.

Some factors that can contribute to the likelihood of gestational diabetes, but not cause it, are:

If the mother is very overweight before and during the pregnancy
If the mother gains too much weight too quickly during the pregnancy
A family history of type 2 diabetes
If the mother has a history of gestational diabetes in a previous pregnancy
If the mother has a history of poly-cystic ovarian syndrome
…and many others

Again, these factors do not cause gestational diabetes in any shape, form, or fashion. These are merely factors that could contribute to the likelihood of getting gestational diabetes. Many doctors use these factors as markers to determine if they should test for gestational diabetes earlier, to make sure that your pregnancy is as healthy as possible.

It is important to remember that women of all backgrounds, health profiles, shapes and sizes get gestational diabetes. In fact, a woman could have every single risk factor on the above list and more and not have gestational diabetes, while a woman who seems in perfect health with no risk factors at all could have it. In that way, gestational diabetes can be a very confusing condition. That is why doctors test every pregnant woman for gestational diabetes, no matter what.

So let some of that worry off your shoulders. There is virtually nothing you could do yourself to actually cause gestational diabetes. It is yet another example of the genetic lottery, one that no one could make any guesses at beforehand. Not only did you not cause your gestational diabetes, but you can have a happy and healthy pregnancy as well as a happy and healthy baby. All is well. Click here for more advice.

Vacation with Gestational Diabetes

Vacation with Gestational Diabetes

vacation with gestational diabetesAny extra activity can be a little extra difficult when you’re pregnant. You might be feeling more tired and uncomfortable than usual, not to mention off balance, as your body grows to accommodate your bundle of joy. Vacationing might seem like an impossible or at least a very tiring venture, especially in the later months of your pregnancy.
Taking a vacation with gestational diabetes may seem even more of a prospective pain. After all, you have likely gotten used to a certain routine that helps you stick to your gestational diabetes diet and you might be worried about what you could eat while on vacation.

All in all, taking a vacation could be excellent for you and your family. You need some time to yourself before your new baby is here, some time to have fun and live a bit more freely than you will be in a few short months. A vacation is the perfect opportunity to have some fun, and maybe even relax a bit in a way you can’t at home, when you are faced with the ever mounting tasks of getting ready for baby. [Read more…]

The After Effects of Gestational Diabetes

The After Effects of Gestational Diabetes

after gestational diabetesIf there is one thing a pregnant woman knows how to do well, it is worry. Women going through their pregnancies with the added stress of gestational diabetes can sometimes feel this even more so. There are so many questions, worries, and added concerns to think about. One common question about gestational diabetes is how or if it will affect you and your child after the baby is born.

Understanding Gestational Diabetes

The first thing to consider when answering this question is to understand what gestational diabetes is. Gestational diabetes is, in its simplest form, high blood sugar during pregnancy. Basically, hormones in your body cause the pancreas to produce extra insulin, but the insulin produced does not help to lower your glucose levels as it is supposed to do. [Read more…]