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Gestational Diabetes Books

Gestational Diabetes Books

Baby Steps for Gestational Diabetes by Mathea Ford


Gestational Diabetes Books

Gestational Diabetes Books By Mathea Ford


I am a registered dietitian and have worked with gestational diabetes for all my 20 years as a dietitian.  I decided to write several gestational diabetes books which is now four, soon to be five.  I hope that you find my gestational diabetes books helpful for your healthy pregnancy!


Gestational Diabetes Books









Gestational Diabetes Books









Gestational Diabetes Books









Gestational Diabetes Books









Gestational Diabetes Books









Gestational diabetes books can be a great resource for your healthy pregnancy and healthy baby.  I hope that you will use my books and send me a note if you should have any questions.

Mathea Ford RD/LD
Books by Mathea Ford



Gestational Diabetes Meal Ideas

Gestational Diabetes Meal Ideas You Can Live With

It’s not always easy to know what to eat when you’ve been diagnosed with gestational diabetes. Even if you were fortunate enough to have a consultation with a nutritionist, you may have many unanswered questions. Regardless of whether you’re taking medications, insulin, or relying on diet and exercise alone, it’s important to make changes to your diet for the sake of your health now, and in the future. These gestational diabetes meal ideas should help you get your diet under control and on track.

Eat Small Meals Frequently

One of the best gestational diabetes meal ideas you should follow is to cut down the size of your meals and have more of them throughout the day. This is an effective strategy because it helps you avoid the blood sugar spikes and roller coaster ride of sugar highs and lows that often occur in the hours between meals when you only have three larger meals in the day.

Eat Carbohydrates

Many people will tell you that should eliminate carbs from your gestational diabetes meal ideas and plans. That’s not always wise. The best gestational diabetes meal ideas include healthy carbohydrates as integral parts of the daily diet. Carbs become energy and you need that energy during pregnancy.

Eggs are Your Friends

Eggs make for many great gestational diabetes meal ideas. They’re easy to prepare, versatile, packed with protein, and often palatable when little else is. You have a wide range of diabetic diet friendly meal choices with eggs including scrambled egg dishes, omelets, frittatas, quiches, and more.

Be on the Lookout for Hidden Sugars

What many people neglect to tell you when suggesting various gestational diabetes meal ideas is that some surprising foods have hidden sugars you need to be aware of. Eating your veggies is great. However, when you have gestational diabetes, you need to be selective about the fruits and vegetables you choose.

Eat these Vegetables Instead

Leafy greens are almost always an excellent choice for diabetes-friendly meals and snacks. So are eggplant, zucchini, tomatoes, cauliflower, green beans, snow peas, squash, and avocado (though this should be eaten sparingly because of its high fat content). Keep these in mind while on the lookout for great gestational diabetes meal ideas and try to build meals (and snacks) around them.

Keep Meals Simple

The easier it is to include great gestational diabetes meal ideas into your daily routine, the more likely it is that you’ll actually do it. Difficult, time-consuming meals are hardly worth the effort when you’re eating every two hours. More importantly, they go against the key concept of keeping meals small.

You don’t have to move mountains in order to make delicious, easy to prepare gestational diabetes meal ideas work for you. Keep things simple, make them friendly to your condition, and include a little exercise (physician approved exercise that is) into your daily routine for a healthy baby and a healthier you. These great meal ideas will help you stay on top of your condition now, while developing healthy eating habits that will serve you well long after your little bundle of joy arrives.

Gestational Diabetes Recipes

Gestational Diabetes Recipes

Quite often I get requests for good recipes for gestational diabetes.  Well, it is ok to find one or two select recipes on a website or on someones blog but what really what is needed is a set of recipes for that you can count on being correct for your needs both calorie intake and carbohydrates.  As I prepared these gestational diabetes recipes for myself during my run in with gestational diabetes, twice, I found that searching for these and figuring these out was not really easy.  And I am a registered dietitian and should be able to figure it out.  It was not easy, but I hope you will be very happy that I spent the time to refine these and get them right for all of us!

Each gestational diabetes recipe is created for the specific purpose of being a gestational diabetes recipe.  These are not strictly diabetic recipes, which is more commonly what you will find in cookbooks and online forum threads.  Each recipe has all the nutritional information that you will need for tracking in your gestational diabetes journal.  As your doctor wants you to track and document all the blood glucose numbers and foods you will need a gestational diabetes journal to manage and track all the information.

Gestational Diabetes Journal: Keeping Your Baby Healthy (Baby Steps For Gestational Diabetes) (Volume 2)

Gestational Diabetes Recipes









My gestational diabetes recipes are all really tasty and you find them very easy to prepare.  I have made sure that there are beef, chicken, pork and vegetarian all included so you can have plenty of choices to pick and choose what you want. I have included in the gestational diabetes recipes as well, side dishes and some very good deserts.  Yummy and good!  We all have cravings for something and we need to have a little something sweet every once in a while. Right?

The gestational diabetes recipes here come in two forms, I have created both a pdf download version or print version on Amazon both with a full meal planner with instructions and recipes for download or purchase on Amazon.  I sure hope you will try them and I wish you the best for you and a healthy pregnancy.

Find the Download PDf of the book here and the Amazon print version click here!

Does eating out always seem to be a problem with gestational diabetes? Cravings? Going out with friends and family?  The book below gives you some direction on eating out and grocery shopping!


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Gestational Diabetes Treatment Options

Gestational Diabetes Treatment Options

Once you’ve been diagnosed, the next step is to work with your physician to develop a gestational diabetes treatment plan. Effective treatment of your gestational diabetes is not only necessary for the sake of your health, but also for the health of the baby you’re carrying. It’s important to understand that there are effective gestational diabetes treatment options available. Sometimes, the most effective route is a combination of one or more of the available treatments.

Diet and Exercise

Unless your blood glucose levels are high enough to warrant immediate concern and aggressive treatment, many doctors will choose to begin by making adjustments to diet and exercise as your primary method of gestational diabetes treatment. It’s the gentlest, treatment option. It’s also one that provides the greatest long-term benefit to your health and the health of your baby.

Small changes may include thirty minutes of low-impact exercise four days a week, a switch from three large meals per day to five small meals, and a reduction of sugar intake throughout the day.

This may be an effective enough gestational diabetes treatment to get your sugar levels under control. The key is to find a balance that allows you to maintain a steady, lower, blood glucose level throughout the day rather than sharp spikes and drastic drops throughout the day.

Oral Medications

Some cases require more aggressive gestational diabetes treatment methods. Oral medications used in combination with diet and exercise can deliver outstanding results for maintaining stable blood glucose levels within the normal range. Sometimes, they become necessary later in pregnancy as hormones build up in the body making it more difficult to metabolize the glucose.

Sometimes they are necessary from the moment you are diagnosed with gestational diabetes. In some cases, oral medications such as Glyburide or Metformin are prescribed in conjunction with insulin as a gestational diabetes treatment.

Insulin Shots

GESTATIONAL DIABETES TREATMENT OPTIONSThe need for insulin shots as a gestational diabetes treatment is often, and unfortunately, viewed as a failure of some sort. That is absolutely not the case. You and your baby need certain carbohydrates in order to be healthy. If your body is unable to produce a sufficient amount of insulin to process those carbs, then your body needs a little boost.

Insulin as a gestational diabetes treatment, however, does require the greatest learning curve. You must not only learn how to test your own blood glucose levels, but also how to administer the necessary shots The good news is that the needles are super fine and do not hurt. Most would say the glucose monitoring is more painful than the shots and with modern testing strips, that’s barely a blip on the pain radar.

Diet and exercise are the preferable method for controlling blood glucose levels. However, they are not always effective in and of themselves. That doesn’t mean you should give up on them completely as a gestational diabetes treatment. Long after you have your baby, continuing these healthier food and fitness habits can help prevent you from developing type 2 diabetes.


2000 Calorie Gestational Diabetes Diet

2000 Calorie Gestational Diabetes Diet

2000 Calorie Gestational Diabetes DietThe good news about a 2000 calorie gestational diabetes diet is that it’s not nearly as restrictive as some of the other diets you’ll hear about these days. In fact, when done well, many women have a hard time eating all the food their diets call for. That’s great news when you’re pregnant and eating for two. Here are a few important details to remember when working with a 2000 calorie gestational diabetes diet.

Eat Frequently

Limiting calories does not limit hunger. If you spread five meals and a bed-time snack throughout the day you enjoy multiple benefits. First, you get to spread the calories and carbohydrates throughout your day so that your sugar isn’t as likely to spike immediately after a large meal. Second, you’re avoiding some pretty intense hunger pains by not giving your stomach time to empty out between the next snack. Finally, and most importantly, you’re giving the little one a steady stream of nutrients.

You must consistently eat three meals and three snacks as part of the 2000 calorie gestational diabetes diet in order to receive the full benefit. Furthermore, you must eat your final snack no more than 10 hours before breakfast.

Avoid Sugar or Concentrated Sweets

The purpose of the 2000 calorie gestational diabetes diet is to help maintain a steady level of glucose in the systems throughout the day while avoiding harmful highs and lows. Any sweets consumed can through the entire diet off track. Don’t forget that beverages are sources of hidden sugars and calories you should avoid. Stick to drinks that have no sugar. Alternatively, choose drinks that are designed maintain healthy glucose levels as long as they fit within your 2000 calorie gestational diabetes diet plan.

Consult with a Dietitian

Everyone is different. People have different tastes, interests, and abilities in the kitchen. More importantly, you’re all starting from different places as far as health and fitness needs are concerned. A 2000 calorie gestational diabetes diet is good in theory. However, consulting with a qualified dietician can help you create a 2000 calorie gestational diabetes diet that fits your unique lifestyle and glucose management needs.

Plan Your Menus Ahead of Time

Life gets hectic. When you’re pregnant, and have so many things on your mind all the time, it can get downright nutty. Planning menus for the week, breakfast, lunch, dinner, and three snacks daily helps to ensure that you’ll stick to your 2000 calorie gestational diabetes diet. You know what foods you’re going to eat, what you need to prepare, and when you’re going to eat. You have a road map to follow.

Planning ahead also helps you resist the temptation to turn to other, unhealthy, resources for last-minute substitutions. These fill-in meals and snacks can leave you going well over your calorie, fat, and sugar allotment for the day placing you and your baby at risk of complications.

Sticking with a 2000 calorie gestational diabetes diet isn’t difficult as long as you plan properly and remain committed to the result. Developing these healthier eating habits now can prepare you for a lifetime to balanced eating once your baby is born.