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Frequently Asked Questions About Our Gestational Diabetes Complete Meal Plan

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What is required to use a Gestational Diabetes Complete Meal Plan?

You need to be able to download files to your computer’s desktop and save them.  You will receive a .pdf form of the file, so you will need to use a .pdf reader, such as Adobe Reader.  If you would like a printed version, you will need to print the file after saving it to your computer.

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How does it all work?

You have the file and you download the file to your computer.  Once you have the file, there are instructions inside the book to explain how the information can be used in your daily life.  Mainly, you can compose meals and snacks using the simple guides, as well as adjust your evening meals based on what you are hungry for.

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I have a problem – now what?

Contact support on our contact page.

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What are the advantages of using a Gestational Diabetes Complete Meal Plan?

You will save enormous amounts of planning time and questioning if you are doing the right thing.  Once you have a gestational diabetes meal plan, you can use it for the pregnancy and beyond to help you lose weight after the baby arrives.

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